help! the pc freezes when playing

Discussion created by razheck on Jun 21, 2020

Hello, since 1 week ago I put my PC together and have been having problems with games, every time I play around 30-40min in any game the PC freezes completely and I have to restart from the chassis button.

And when I am in the browser or in other things that are not games or programs that do not require graphics, it does not happen, just playing!!! xd


Computer / desktop:


-Motherboard B450m HDV 4.0 / bios version 3.70
-Ryzen 3 3200g with graphics vega 8
-RAM 8gbs GEIL evo potenza 3200ghz
- Thermaltake 450w power source
-1 HDD Seagate barracuda 1TB
-Drivers radeon adrenalin version 2020 20.4.2
-Windows 10pro 64bits


Things I have done to fix:


-Reinstall drivers
-reinstall operating system
-Reorganize wiring and check connectors
-see pc temperature (it was ok)


With games that ask for 8gbs minimum of ram is where the freezing happens the easiest (dark souls 3 - the witcher 3 - wow battle for azeroth) But then I started trying less demanding games (league of legends - warframe - hearthstone) and in the same way with these it also froze, but in hearthstone what happened is that they started to give a lot of jerks. and in the league of legends I have a 50/50 chance that when I leave the game the pc would freeze.


Another strange thing I notice is that the system always consumes 50% of the ram, even if the PC is at rest, even with the browser closed.