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Game activity tracking

Question asked by ggg on Jun 22, 2020

A week ago I played a game for a hour but Radeon Software says I still playing it in "Now Playing" part of "Home" tab.

If I launch another game then switch between tabs they shows my current game, but once I exit this game - bugged game appears in both tabs again.

I believe it's caused by Steam Big Picture mode.

I am lazy to reproduce it but I believe entering Big Picture mode after game launch and force exit from Big Picture mode while game is running is a root of problem.

My guess is when game was started tracker get a name and after big picture launch/force exit something changed in the app name and tracker did not track exit because name was different (I hope it's not very messed up sentence, English is not my native language  )


All this week I did not restart PC, only sleep mode.

But every day I shut down Steam before sleep.

Also I checked Task manager for game executable but it's not there.

I do not think it's cause any issues to performance or something else but it does not look right.