Ryzen 5 3600 Constant 90+ temps when gaming

Discussion created by rikaki__ on Jun 21, 2020
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My recent build is not going well. My R5 3600 idle temps is around 50c-ish. When playing e.g Apex Legends, it spikes up to 90 and remains in the 90+ range throughout unless I alt tab. I am not sure where to go about with this. Not a great person with every knowledge on pc but I tried some things. E.g Remounting the heatsink and reapplying the thermal paste, tried different power cables (idk why) , tried a different gpu (GTX 960) which was better temp wise. Case fans I have 2 intakes and 1 exhaust. I've read that the stock cooler is decent till you decide to oc and in some other case, it's just straight up junk. Also when I brought to some computer shop, temps were perfectly fine running games. Either the a/c in the store was strong or his monitor since the only difference in the setup when I tested in that store was his 60hz monior


Current Rig :


CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (Stock cooler)

GPU : ASRock Radeon 5700XT Challenger

Case : Gigabyte C200 Glass

Ram : T-Force Za 8x2 3600

Mobo : B450 Aorus Pro Wifi

PSU : FSP Hexa+ 550W