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Newest AMD Radeon Software "Unplugged" Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

Question asked by cryillic on Jun 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by elstaci

I recently had decided to update to the next compatible AMD software ( Adrenaline Version 20.5.1 ). Shortly after this, I realized my audio had gone out. After some investigating, I realized both my headset, microphone, and speakers were all disconnected, as well as my Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio) driver. I tried updating it, no use. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Realtek High Definition Audio, no use. I took suggestions and disabled some things that could have interfered, still nothing. This has happened before in the past, which made me have to system restore back to when the previous version of AMD Software was installed, then everything was fine. Is this simply just the AMD software causing problems with my audio, or is there just something I haven't thought of? Thank you!