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rx5700xt Frame drops and stuttering in every game

Question asked by captniz on Jun 19, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2020 by karpizzy

Lately in any game i try to play my frame drops for a second or two and then return to normal (Titanfall 2/QUBE 2), or in other cases (GTAV) the frame rates starts to drop until i have to Alt-Tab in and out of the game and this seems to fix the problem for a while.

I did a couple of benchmarks to test out the GPU performance and there wasn't any problem during the

benchmark (Superposition).

I know this problem has been brought up a lot of times so before asking i tried a lot of different methods that i'm going list here with links.

Guide to lock GPU Clock for AMD NAVI Users (5600Xt, 5700, 5700xt) 

I think i forgot a couple other videos or forums but these are the most complete and helpful ones.



Motherboard: TUF GAMING x470-PLUS

RAM: 2x8 corsair DDR4

GPU: AMD rx5700xt XFX Thicc

CPU: AMD ryzen 7 3700x

PSU: Corsair TX650M

Display: I don't know the specific model because it has been given to me, its an old Samsung 27" with only HDMI connection


If any more HW information is required fell free to ask



As instructed me by one of the video i linked i updated everything


Windows: 10 64-bit 2004 version (the last)

AMD GPU Drivers: version 20.5.1

Chipset: Installed

Bios: Version 5406 (Relative to my motherboard)