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Sapphire 5500 xt 4gb black screen and then cannot windows boot

Question asked by jimbibiyo on Jun 19, 2020

Hello all , i have this video card installed in this computer:


- i5-2500k no overclock

- p67 pro3 b3 bios version P3.40

- Ram: G Skill - ripjaws 2x4gb modules 1333mhz

- Thermaltake lite power 600w (My old graphics card is still running here, is a Sapphire 5850 extreme 1gb (150watts         consumption))

  Also tested a 600w NOX powersupply
- Windows 10 ( test with and without firewall, windows updates, and every kind of protection)

- Windows 7 test 

Graphics card was working before maybe 2 weeks but then stopped working and windows cannot boot. I tried installing graphics card driver for the last 2 days full time, while installing drivers i have a black screen then computer freezes and i have to shutdown no reset working, after that windows cannot and I have to enter safe mode and disable/uninstall 5500 xt  I used both AMD cleanup utiliy and DDU. I also load secondary bios from switch button in graphics card but same problem.

The graphics card was performing very good for maybe 2 weeks, I still want to play with it but I think it will be like impossible to see working again.

I also sent AMD feedback by customer service but it's my first time doing it and I don't know if they will reply messages or not. I have Attached an install log in this post.


Thanks in advance, and excuse me for my english.