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What do I need to tweak to get Ryzens to go above base clock speed?

Question asked by jeffstokes72 on Jun 18, 2020

I've had the 1700, 1700x, 2700x, 3700x and now the 3900x, and I've never gotten the clock higher than baseline. I am using the AMD High Performance power plan. Taskmanager sayeth:



AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor

Base speed: 4.00 GHz
Sockets: 1
Cores: 12
Logical processors: 24
Virtualization: Enabled
L1 cache: 768 KB
L2 cache: 6.0 MB
L3 cache: 64.0 MB

Utilization 3%
Speed 3.96 GHz
Up time 0:00:06:20
Processes 301
Threads 4851
Handles 129886


No matter the load (CPUStress, working, whatever), the CPU stays at 3.96Ghz.


I also tried using the ASUS tool TurboV EVO and clicked the "auto tuning/auto system level up" and it did nothing. I've reset/flashed bios multiple times, just in case that was it. Does this have something to do with 3200mhz memory, or gpu pci speeds or what?


My detailed system specs are here:


My hardware and software configuration - Summary (63688214) 


I've been building my own systems since the early 90s, but never ran into this type of behavior. I assumed AMD would boost based on load, but the clock speed appears to be totally stagnant. Normal? Not normal?


I didn't think I'd need to tweak bios power /etc for turbo to kick in.


Anyone have any ideas?