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Secondary monitor (desktop extension) won´t switch on/wake up automatically

Question asked by atmcp on Jun 18, 2020
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I am using a iiyama XB2779QS as primary (2560*1440) on displayport of my Red Dragon Vega 56 and a hanns g HH281 as secondary monitor (1920 *1200) via HDMI.

The day before yesterday I installed Windows update 2004 and after that my secondary monitor would not switch on automatically after booting the computer or when returning from sleep/energy save mode anymore.

I have had the very same issue since I am using the Vega on almost every major Windows 10 updates. 


I always use DDU to uninstall drivers. I installed fresh win10-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-edition-20.5.1-june10.exe



I need to switch the hanns g off and on again with Windows running so it comes back to life flawlessly. But it does not automatically and also won´t react to Windows + P (the projection settings). I have no idea what to do right now, it fatigues me and I am tired of trying different drivers or switching them monitors on and off or just randomly hope it is mysteriously fixed. I can´t remember which exact step I used to solve that problem the last time it happened. I tried installing some old driver and updated that, I think, but I am not sure and I cleared my DL folder some time ago.


The forum had an autosaved version of something I once wrote here, but I don´t remember if that really was a solution: installing a driver before 19.10.1.!

what I once wrote here: "I was having the same issue when I hooked up the hanns g a couple of months ago, but the driver before 19.10.1 worked flawlessly. Honestly I even don´t know if it is radeon adrenalin related but I guess that yes. Because after installing the driver before 19.10.1 everything was fine."


my pc:

totally updated Win 10 64 bit pro original

Vega 56 Red Dragon (powercolor)

Ryzen 2600x 

MSI tomahawk b450

monitors both are only shown as pnp-monitor in device manager but that never has been in issue, Windows even won´t let me install old drivers for those monitors.


Ok, so I am going to search for an older radeon driver and will try to install it and then feedback here (probably to it tomorrow), so I leave this thread here for myself for future problem solvings, but I dislike that the bloated to the max drivers don´t deal with that sh*t for me, seriously.


Any good advice is welcome, cheers and thanks folks.