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20.5.1 release date ?

Question asked by roquemar on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by ray_m

I like to have my pc updated to the day and i have noticed that on the amd drivers page the 20.5.1 appear dated 10/06/2020 , i downloaded them myself on 28/05/2020 the same day they were launched and surprise today i have realized that they have another date , something is not going well .

-It is not something that i invented myself ,many internet pages say when they were launched.

-If these were released on the date that the page says and following the chronology that AMD uses , they should be 20.6.1.

-Are the same drivers released then?

-Are there any changes from the previous ones ?.I keep seeing he same fixes , bugs ans support.

-If it a small blunder ? , and with the latest release rate , this month there will surely be no drivers to correct errors.


-I'm using a translator sorry for my bad English.