Texture pop-in (disappearing) in pretty much all games (assuming faulty drivers).

Discussion created by notoriousman on Jun 17, 2020

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 to Windows 10 LTSC (1809), I started experiencing weird texture pop-in in all games, most significantly the ones created by Rockstar.

I have a setup of 2 monitors, where one is connected to the integrated intel GPU (use this as a side monitor) and where one is connected to the AMD GPU. Using GTA V as an example, setting the output device in-game settings to my GPU-connected monitor causes textures to disappear and often flicker or reload/load slowly (blurry), however, if I set the output device to my integrated GPU-connected monitor, these issues disappear (however the FPS is terrible because after all, its an integrated GPU).


PC Specs:

AMD Radeon R7 260X

Intel Pentium CPU G3440 (dual-core, 3.30GHz)
Gigabyte B85M-D3H Motherboard
8 GB RAM (2x4)
Windows 10 LTSC Version 1809, 64-bit system.

I have tried the following driver versions:

- 19.11.1
- 20.2.2
- 20.4.2 (current)
- 20.5.1

The issue still persists, I believe that it could be that the drivers don't work great with the LTSC version, however, I couldn't find anything about this. Everything worked fine on Windows 7, I have also freshly-reinstalled all the games.