Major Card-Destroying Issue Hasn't Been Fixed After Almost a Year

Discussion created by idkartist on Jun 16, 2020
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I'm fed up at this point. I bought two Vega 56 cards specifically for the purpose of rendering scenes in blender, but I may as well have flushed hundreds of dollars down the toilet instead, as that would have caused me less stress and wouldn't have wasted as much of my time. Because if you try to render anything on the card your monitor is attached to, after about 30 seconds your screen turns black until the graphics driver can recover and the program crashes. Or, if you try to troubleshoot it and it happens multiple times, this will happen and you'll have to RMA your card:
AMD makes bad cards that self-destruct if you try to use them
According to Blender developers, the issue isn't Blender related, it's an issue with AMD's drivers, and it's been an issue for almost a year. No fixes, not a peep from AMD. I emailed support, and they gave me a canned copy-paste response. This is disgusting and completely unacceptable. I spent hundreds of dollars on a product that implodes when you try to perform a basic task, and after a year nothing has been done to fix it. AMD has lost a customer - I'll never buy another graphics card from them as long as I live, and I'll implore to everyone I know that they shouldn't either. </rant>