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Just random speculation about if a sort of quantum hdd or tally partition thing exists?

Question asked by eccentric on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by pokester

I clearly dont know about computers but I lay awake at night thinking random thoughts. From what I understand Single Instruction Multiple Delivery allows AMD CPU's and GPU's to apply a video filter or image filter to one pixel on the screen and have it applied to all of the pixels the entire screen?? 


This makes me wonder if with quantum computers being based around 1's and 0's and a third quantum state of both 1 and 0 simultaneous which allows for infinite combinations of one or zero to be delivered instantly to speed things up may be applicable to hard drives, considering an ssd hard drive partition is maybe a binary of 1's and 0's would it be possible to use a tally of columns for say each byte being made of 8bits we'd have 8 columns of 1's and 0's representing the binary and a total tally of numbers for each binary number column for the entire partition like "this many 0's and this many 1's in column number 4" and sort of tally the entire partition and use SIMD to sort of deliver either a 1 or a 0 as needed maybe for all of the partition? or something? as long as the total tallies are correct would it be possible that it doesnt matter which 'row' they're in as long as they're in a column they'll be represented in the total, and seeking or searching for data wont be a thing it will be a quantum drive that always has 1's or 0's in some sort of tally that replaces the entire partition might be possible in some way, there wouldnt exist a partition table it would be virtual or simulated as needed maybe? then instead of downloading large files we could just get tallies for binary columns how many 0's and how many 1's assuming that the row order is maybe largely unimportant? though of course i have no idea how you'd apply file permissions or the recycle bin feature would work. Im sure theres logical reasons for this to not work or whatever. It just feels like it might be possible in my brain for some reason and i'm wondering why they arent a thing?