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Radeon HD 8400 freezing after Win10 v2004

Question asked by nongeshipman on Jun 16, 2020

I'm using an HP 15 laptop, with AMD A6 5200 with Radeon HD 8400 / r3 graphics, 8gig ram.

I recently did a full new install of Windows 10 64 bit,after replacing a bad hard drive, and everything has been working great since. 


2 days ago, Windows updated from version 1909 to version 2004, and now I get constant system freeze. Mouse will move, then freeze, then jump, then freeze. Videos freeze up during playback. Even the windows loading screen, with the little spinning circle freezes up.


Of course the first thing I did was go to AMD and made sure I had the latest drivers, which I did, so I decided to use the removal tool, and do a clean install (just to be sure). As soon as I uninstalled the driver, the freezing stopped, and everything worked fine. So I did the clean install, and the freezing started again.


I've got them uninstalled now, in order to be able to send in this ticket, but I have programs that I was working with before the update that I can't use due to not meeting specs without those drivers installed, but with the drivers installed, everything runs slow and glitches badly. 


Not sure what Windows did that the driver is suddenly not working correctly, but it is quite annoying and I would love to know if there is a fix, work around, or a coming driver update.


I realize this is an older machine, but still works beautifully for everything I've thrown at it, including some older games that a few years ago would have taxed a lesser system.


Any suggestions would be awesome,