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Freesync artifacts

Question asked by dunocz on Jun 16, 2020

Hello community,

recently I bought 2 monitor from Philips (246e9qjab) and I tried playing Trackmania2, but after turning it on I've got artifacts (flashing, screen was simply like in blender), I tried some basic stuff and after I disabled Freesync for both monitors and rebooted it was fixed, I tried turning freesync on my primary screen and again, it's happening on both of them so I don't think it's monitor related problem, because if I use just one (throught DisplayPort) it works normally, I tried uninstalling drivers using DDU, also installing older version of drivers, installing it with clean preset, but everytime with freesync on artifacts, but they weren't normal artifacts, they were like when you have bad cable (I tried swapping them too but still same).
So any help will be approciated.


        CPU: Athlon X4 870K
        RAM: 8GB (2133Mhz)