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AMD Support closes my error 192 issue automatically after 10 days

Question asked by dvd_video on Jun 15, 2020

I had Error 192, so I decided to write to AMD about it... Big mistake. I explained what the error is and how it should be fixed or tinkered with. Mine personally was due to AMD Experience demanding some specific registry key that I was missing. AMD Support did the following:


1. First they told me to install the driver for Windows 10, when I am in fact on Windows 7.
2. They tell me that I am missing important OS updates, when I have proof for latest Win7 SP1.
3. They tell me to DDU and AMD-Uninstall the driver in safe mode, which have proof I did already.
4. They tell me "Your Service Request has been received and will be processed shortly"

5. I recieved: "We have sent a response to your inquiry and have had no reply from you in the last 10 days"
8. There is no filter with their e-mail and spam has no AMD contend either ...


There is nothing else I can do on this, since AMD support themselves don't care about my issue maybe because I am on Windows 7, So I made a video about it, what errors, and why you should ignore that error when it is related to "AMD Experience program". If anyone is interested in the crash log, you can find it attached below. It is due to the destructor of a "Stopwatch" C++ class that tries to access some unknown shitty Win10 registry key. This application is used for AMD user temetry. Some people are stopping it on Win10, but for me worked like a charm. Not thanks to AMD, though. Have a nice time watching !