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rx 5700xt fails to boot into windows, glitched my boot drive, and killed my keyboard

Question asked by veelaa on Jun 13, 2020

first off my set up is weird and a bit of a frankestien,
a supermicro c7x58 mobo

w3565 zeon processor

24 gigs  eccddr3

and a 660w power supply

I  also got a new case with this card so ripped everything out put it in the new case with the new card was all excited and failed to post, it caused CMOS issues, reset my date back to 2010,  fixed that, my keyboard died,  using an old one got the drivers installed and it made my boot disk completely inaccessible.

so either i don't have enough power,
or its the driver issues, either way i have a 500$ paperweight