nVidia RTX 3090 to be a beast. Does nVidia know something we don't about RDNA2?

Discussion created by black_zion on Jun 13, 2020
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WCCFTech put out an article where it talks about the information from famed reliable leaker Igor. Apparently the RTX 3090 Founder's Edition, or whatever nVidia will call it, will have a 350w TDP, and will have the massive cooler as leaked before, that leak apparently caused a ruckus at nVidia because not even the product manager knew about it yet.


Now, there has to be only one reason for this, and that is that RDNA2 has to be monumentally better than Navi. nVidia has demonstrated that year after year when AMD is essentially or even realistically no threat, they simply release a minor upgrade, or even just rebadge the same GPU 6 times in a row, not really caring what the critics say. They also wouldn't care about putting this much effort and energy into designing such a mammoth GPU when the 2080Ti is already as powerful as it is. The 2080Ti has a TGP of 260w, so what does nVidia know about RNDA2 that's making them pull out all the stops