New RX 5700 XT seems to just stop working during driver install.

Discussion created by paladinsolo on Jun 13, 2020
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Had my old card die, bought a new PSU to support the power needs of the new RX 5700 XT, i don't think the PSU is the issue because i have a older HD 6950 that runs fine, but i don't have any other PSUs to test.  Basically though the card functions under the windows drivers, once i install the AMD ones it gets to where the screen flickers then the GPU fans stop and the signal to the monitor dies and from what i can tell the PC is running normally otherwise because i can have it shut down with the power button normally.  On boot up display works till after the windows loading screen finishes then just goes blank and again the GPU fans stop, the LEDs stay on however.  Reinstalling the 6950 and wiping the drivers then reinstalling the 5700 gets me back into windows.


So far i've done a windows reset, i wipe the display drivers every time i attempt to install, have updated the bios on my Z97-a MB, updated my I7 4790 chipset, set bio to default graphics to PCIe and set them to default at 3.0, and have attempted to install the drivers through windows and manually through the device manager, to no avail.  Do i just have a dead card, or is there anything else i can try before contacting MSI for an RMA?