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ONLY WHEN FREESYNC IS ON brightness flashing/flickering

Question asked by 1agressor on Jun 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2020 by makkara

AOC AG322QC4 Manufactured June 12, 2019

Fresh Windows 20H1

RX580 Special Edition / 11265-21-20G

Radeon Drivers latest 20.5.1

DisplayPort cable Club 3D CAC-2068


tried different cables/ports on monitor/gpu also tried different monitor settings/reset


ONLY WHEN FREESYNC IS ON there is brightness flashing in games mostly on loading screens and main menu precisely Battlefield 1,4,V in BF 4 in server browser when i move my mouse over server list flashing starts sometimes it happens when i just stand still in game ( other games to )

i read a lot about this freesync flashing many posts about it on the net people say it is happening on many different monitors/gpu/pc and drivers

but most of these posts are at least year old is there any solution to this ?