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2290wx pbo and ram

Question asked by jbmerrill on Jun 12, 2020
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I am unable to get my RAM to be stable above 2666Mhz with either Performance Boost Overdrive, or Performance Enhancer (Level3) enabled.  From what I know, these are preferred to manual static O.C.  I get frequent random O.S. crashes and Cinebench crashes the computer immediately.  I  have tried everything I can think of including DRAM and SoC voltage increases, Load Line Calibration, Looser RAM timings and various other settings to no avail.


Below is a snippit from a posting about someone with the same problem, but he was able to solve it by finding a UEFI setting on his ASUS motherboard.


I am looking for advice on some UEFI settings that may be similar or other to help me be able to run my RAM at a higher speed while also using PBO or Perf Enhancer. I have a single very high quality 128GB (8x16GB) G.skill 3200Mhz C14 Quad channel RAM kit (Samsung B-dies) that should be able to function at 2933Mhz, (used to work with the 2950x), but won't.


I upgraded my CPU recently from a 2950x to a 2990wx and this is when the problems began, so there is probably something to do with the 2990wx memory controller causing this. I have tested each of my RAM modules individually, and they all test good. Also, when I only run 1/2 the RAM (64GB), everything seems to run just fine with both PBO/Enhancer and 2933Mhz RAM.


I am able to run the RAM at 2933, but not if I O.C. the CPU (PBO).


Following is the snippit about the ASUS Motherboard UEFI settings:


Apr '19
Time for a sunshine update!


Me and a friend spent all evening in and out of BIOS and AIDA64, refusing to accept the 1833mhz clockspeed. Accidentally we stumbled across the ?RAM Current Capability (CHA, CHB)??and ??CHC, CHD)??which has a tooltip that says something along the lines of ?ncrease this value if you?e stresstesting the memory or if you?e running high density configurations?? This setting can be found inside ?weakers paradise??in the BIOS, and so naturally we went ahead and ramped the value up from 100% to 120% and gave 2133mhz a go with 14-14-14-34 timings.


Everything went fine, and we continued to increase incrementally until finally we hit 2933mhz at 14-14-14-34. It is stable enough to continuously run AIDA64 benchmarks, which is all I was hoping for basically. I could do a memtest86 run as well, but honestly I don? want to waste a whole day doing that.


Over to the fun part! AIDA64 memory benchmarks running at 2933mhz with 14-14-14-34 timings:
End Snippit


So, if there is anything you can advice me on for this to get it to work, I would be extremely grateful. Please let me know what additional info. you may need from me.


Thank you
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