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RX 5600 XT Gaming profile bad?

Question asked by raidersunited on Jun 11, 2020

Hello, I'm new to AMD GPU but I've recently brought the RX 5600 XT red dragon after changing from a gtx 1060 6GB, Recently I was getting a VRAM issue but it seems I've managed to fix that but now I've noticed on AC odyssey that when using the Gaming profile under global graphics the fps is unstable dipping from 30 - 70 constantly but when using the standard profile it's a lot smoother around 60 fps, Surely the game is meant to run a lot smoother/better when using Gaming profile? or have I missed something? Or is it like that because of the game? I haven't touched any of the settings it's all on what it was when I installed the software.


The only software I've downloaded for the GPU is the Radeon software adrenaline edition, Is there anything else I'm missing?