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Discussion created by jayseearr on Jun 10, 2020
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Ok so 2 days ago i started troubleshooting GPU issues i was having which seemed to be software and/or driver related. These issues are nothing new I've pretty much been experiencing them on and off since i got the card. However this time I kinda went overboard and fell down the rabbit hole. In an effort to completely eradicate my system of any traces of AMD files I must have went wrong somewhere and somehow interfered with the systems ability to detect my GPU so basically things went from bad to much worse. For a little more context the most recent issue i had was the software kept resetting and putting my GPU on zeroRPM mode and the GPU would crash as soon as it encountered any 3d renders or things that would stress the GPU. I ended up removing all drivers and reinstalling the software/drivers and that didn't work so then i proceeded to do a complete clean system restore. At some point before i did the restore i also ended up disabling and uninstalling all display adapters tied to AMD as well as any AMD options i could find(media,audio,display,etc)and tampering with some pci options and stuff that i really don't know much of anything about but i figured a fresh windows install would fix any issues that could have potentially created. Anyhow, like i said. since i did the system restore things got worse because now windows is not detecting any AMD drivers or display adapters or anything and i can't download the drivers because AMD software says no hardware detected in my system config. I'm kinda stuck now i don't know what to do, I think i clearly tampered with something that runs deeper than a fresh windows install will fix? 



inteli7 4790k-cpu stock 4ghz/noctua cooler

asrock z97e-itx/ac- motherboard (UEFI is up to date 2.20) drivers up to date as well

8gb DDR3 patriot 1600 (working and detected in UEFI)

Powercolor Red Dragon vega 56 8gb GPU 

Corsair SF600 PSU


I have already tried switching to onboard graphics and back to pcie in the bios and unfortunately the fix is not that simple. I hope i provided enough context but if any more information is needed i will gladly do my best to provide it! I hope someone here can help me or point me in the right direction because this is a new issue for me and i've been trouble shooting for the better part of 2 days now with zero results.