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FPS drops down after tabbing out of fullscreen WHILE having "Record Desktop" on

Question asked by migg3y on Jun 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by migg3y

Hello everyone,


I have a problem. I have a 144hz monitor and everything is going smooth, however, everytime I'm ingame in fullscreen, while having "Record Desktop" and "Instant Replay" switched on, it'll work perfectly fine (ingame is smooth, no stuttering & I get to farm some clips) until I tab-out and -in(game) again. When I tab back in(game) again, my game starts stuttering a bit and it's not as smooth anymore, it actually feels like 60 fps instead of 144 (though it shows 144 fps). Opening the "Radeon Software" ingame by a hotkey only works before tabbing out once (the smooth-phase), this option won't work during the "60 fps-phase", and is only available through tabbing out to the desktop or w/e but not ingame. To reset this whole issue, I'd have to tab out to the desktop, then disable "Record Desktop", tab ingame again, open "Radeon Software" by a hotkey and enable "Record Desktop" again, in order to make everything "normal" again. This is the only way I found to fix the issue.


Mind, if "Record Desktop" is turned off, everything is fine. But I want to farm clips.

Pls help.


Specs: Ryzen 5 2600, ASUS DUAL-RX580-O4G, 16 GB RAM