RX5700 black screens and reboots

Discussion created by nattanfrey on Jun 9, 2020
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Good day to all.

I think everyone met with the problem of black screens and freezes.

I am the owner of the XFX RX5700 DD Ultra. Here are the factory settings:

Core Clock: 1960 Mhz
Core Voltage: 1.168 mV
Power Limit: 170W + 20%
Target Temp: 80 C
Acoustic Limit: 1600 rpm

In games, the real frequency is 1855-1875 MHz. After 15-20 minutes of gameplay, the card began to fly into black screens and the computer rebooted. In fact, the driver crashes into the blue screen. I fumbled around the forums a bit and came across an article that the whole problem is in the GDDR6 chips and their temperatures, as well as in the power supply system of the fans and memory modules. I had to install MSI Afterburner and monitor temperatures and frequencies.

1. Factory voltage is too high and the frequency of the graphic core constantly jumps.
2. Fans accelerate right up to 2300 rpm, the noise is terrible.
3. The temperature of the memory chips reaches 90, and the hot spot is up to 100.
4. The memory frequency after 84-86 degrees starts to jump.
5. After some time, the card driver goes to the blue screen.

Well, the problem is found, the curve of the video card and the flaws with the temperatures. I began to shaman with voltage and frequency. 1960 MHz stock stably did not take with any voltage. The method of smooth selection reached the values of 1905 MHz and 1.038 mV. In FurMark, an hour without departures, I went into the Witcher, the same thing, nothing jumps, does not jump. What is most interesting, the fan speed is kept at the acoustic norm of 1600 rpm, the temperature of the memory modules is 78-82 degrees, the temperature of the board is 82-84 degrees, the graphics chip is 65-67 degrees. I tested it for 3 days on more than 10 games without vertical synchronization, everything is stable and does not crash. I deleted MSI and set the same settings on Adrenalin Software 20.5.1, the result? black screen and reboots (((After sitting and thinking, analyzing everything done, I found a solution for myself that still stands and has been working for a month now, no black or green screens and any hangs with a reboot.

Solution: I realized for myself that these video cards have a limit on temperatures and power. 1905 MHz and 1,038 mV allowed me to keep stably 1855-1857 MHz of a real stable frequency, get rid of power surges due to exceeding the power limit and fit into 167 watts. I made the video card not noisy, since the cooler speed is in the range of the acoustic limit. Adrenalin Software uninstalled, I use only a clean installation of only the driver itself! Here is my configuration and results through MSI Afterburner:
Core Voltage: 1.031 mV
Power Limit: + 20%
Core Clock: 1905 Mhz
Memory Clock: 1750 Mhz
Fan Speed: 51%

Core Temp: 65 * C
Board Temp: 80 * C
Memory Temp: 78 * C
Power Usage: 168 W
Real Clock: 1857 Mhz