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I can install display drivers properly, but it keeps saying error 43

Question asked by ackerale on Jun 9, 2020

the title quite sums it all up, some backstory just in case:


I just got my HP pavillion pc back from repair with a brand new hard drive that works amazingly, the issue started just after I downloaded new drivers from the official AMD setup installer, i didn't use autodetect, I went to the site and wrote down my GPU name for the adequate drivers. Currently I can't do much with a half dead GPU


What i've tried:



2-Windows recovery w/ keep my files (note that I'm willing to completely reboot my PC)


3-Re-Install drivers


4-Disable and enable both drivers 


5-Desinstall and re-install both bad boys (from the device manager) IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE, sometimes when i maneuver from the device manager with the desinstallation i get one driver to "work", it doesn't have the yellow hate inducing triangle, i can add some screencaps if you need.


6-Roll back drivers (quite useless since it rolls 'em back to the basic screen 



PS, I honestly think it's a GPU BIOS issue, i'm quite scared to flash stuff because as a non-technician, im scared of permanent hardware damage (or any kind of hardware damage tbh), again, I don't care about file loss so feel free to add any kind of file deleting solutions, but if it involves hardware damage i might wanna have a guide for dummies


inside the device manager those two drivers are the only ones with errors (AMD Radeon R7 M360 and Radeon R6 Graphics)