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Is there a way to combine OpenCL engine from older driver pack with newer one?

Question asked by melirius on Jun 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by melirius

As I found out, newer OpenCL compiler in Adrenalin drivers for Win10 x64 have a bug in realization that prevents my code to work correctly on Tahiti cards. Then I determined that old driver pack of 16.4.2 was without such a problem, but it does not support 14 Tahiti GPUs of my workstation. As I can suppose from driver folder, OpenCL realization is in 6 files: amd_opencl32.dll, amd_opencl64.dll, amdocl.dll, amdocl12cl.dll, amdocl12cl64.dll, & amdocl64.dll. Can I change these files to older ones during installation of AMD drivers? On a working system it is not possible, I suppose.