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X570 onboard NVME RAID win10 device manager shows SCSI driver from year 2006 ehstore?

Question asked by eccentric on Jun 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by eccentric

I've installed AMD RAID drivers from 25/11/2019 but in windows it shows the SCSI driver is a very old one?

and its using Ehstore, im not sure what the latest SCSI driver storage controller drivers should be but wouldnt even USB 3.0's scsi drivers be newer and faster? If I remember correctly there was a storage controller for old esata drives which was replaced when usb 3.0 SCSI driver was released.. theres a really basic old driver for basic block communication. I just forget the names of each one exactly but NVME drives and bus speeds and buses are maybe newer than the year 2006 but its using really old year 2006 dated drivers does installing new drivers from AMD not do anything at all?