Borderlands 2 is using my integrated gpu

Discussion created by owokillermochi on Jun 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2020 by benman2785

Recently I've downloaded Borderlands 2 from Epic Games and when i launched the game i started having low fps so I checked it out with task manager and the game was using my Integrated gpu  (now i know game works with Directx 9) I was wondering if there's a way to fix the game so game starts using my dedicated GPU

My CPU with processors are : AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics and AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M330 Also My RAM is 8GB and Windows 10 x64 Bit (i also know game only works with 32 bit) 


By The way.. AMD Adrenalin 2020 doesnt has a switchable graphics configuration and also my computer shows that my Power Saving GPU And High Performance GPU are the same so its also a problem I'd be so happy if someone helps me ^^