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Black Screen

Question asked by cierco on Jun 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2020 by cierco

Arh yes the infamous black screen memes. Owning a AMD GPU wears and tears on your sanity. This is my last ditch effort before I am unplugging this card and bashing it with a hammer and going with a Nvidia GPU instead. 

So to shortly summarize:
I get black screens, I get those where I need to do a hard reboot, black screen with sound. Sometimes I get a crash where I can still go to the desktop and close the program as well as the AMD Driver Software, since the Driver software crash and becomes unresponsive. Sometimes my stuff just freeze on desktop and becomes unresponsive as well. 

I have fiddled with the power consumption in the control panel, I have DDU'ed in safe mode with no internet. I have tried numerous different driver versions, I have tried undervolting, disabling hardware acceleration, I have tried fiddling with game settings. I have tried a fresh windows install. (There is nothing wrong with my PSU, so don't even go there 750 watts). My rams are okay as well. 

I can play games like WoW for some hours but crashes still happens, but RDR2 and games like Total Warhammer 2 I crash pretty quickly.