Laptop unusable due to conflict between graphics card driver and OS

Discussion created by razldazlralph on Jun 6, 2020

Hi fellow AMD users, this is a long shot but bear with me


8 years ago I splashed nearly 2000 euros for a state of the art HP Envy device. A beast of a machine that served me well throughout college. That was still in the Windows 7 days.


I always keep my devices up to date and I'm always following the latest Windows releases, so my Envy soon had Windows 8 on it, then 8.1. It all worked as it should and I could still get all my intense graphics work done.


Then Windows 10 came along. Sadly I have never been able to use this very expensive machine again since. For some reason Windows 10 and this laptop don't get along and it's because of the AMD GRAPHICS CARD (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850). There is just no compatible driver out there and with or without it my pc crashes on boot and it's unusable. I can't even boot into safe mode, usually I end up reinstalling Windows and trying again to eventually fail all over again.


I can't help but feel disappointed about this reality. My Sony Vaio laptop I bought in 2007!! runs Windows 10, has no driver issues but does not have the powerful internals as my Envy. (it runs on Nvidia...)


The reason I bought this laptop (the great graphics performance) has left me without a laptop and has also kept me from buying AMD again... I've seen several complaints about the HD 5000 series online, but never an answer to this issue, perhaps the community can help me out.


Thank you!