Screen flicker with GTX 1060 and AMD CPUs

Discussion created by re1nnnn on Jun 6, 2020

I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 5 3600X and paired it with a B450 Tomahawk Max. I used the rest of my hardware from my old build, 16 (4x4) GB Corsair Vengeance RAM, GTX 1060 6GB and an EVGA 750GQ PSU. Everything booted fine but after around 10-15 minutes of use I started getting screen flickering problems and rendering bugs. Parts of webpages were unloading and loading, videos would sometimes not play or play with a black flicker and file explorer would go fully or partially black. I didn’t think it could be my GPU as I’ve had it for two years and not encountered any issues. I ordered a new motherboard, the B450 Carbon Pro AC and tried again with the 3600X after flashing the newest BIOS. Again, after a short while the same issue happened. So I thought it was certain that it was a CPU issue and I ordered a new CPU. This time I ordered a Ryzen 5 3600. I installed it and once again after a bit of use the flickering and rendering bugs happened. I have tried every fix I can find online, updating all drivers, rolling back drivers, uninstalling the GPU from device manager etc.

I put my old system back together with my i5-7600 and B250F strix board and everything worked as it did before, I used it for hours without issue. I can’t think what the problem could be - the only thing that would make sense is that my 1060 has some issue with AMD CPUs, but why would that be the case? Since I am pretty committed to the upgrade now I will probably buy a new GPU, but I’m really worried that somehow I will get the same issue. I can’t find anyone who has experienced a similar issue before so any help or advice is much appreciated - thanks in advance.