Frustrating HD 7970 Problems

Discussion created by diniciusd on Jun 6, 2020

Hello, I just bought a hd 7970 and I have a couple of problems. I tried to play Rust , and the menu background video is flickering and doing weird stuff. After I join a server I can play for around 2 minutes then my screen freezes (I can still hear the game and move) and then it closes. It's very very frustrating for me and my team mates. The other problem that I have is that in the radeon settings, I cant manually control anything other than the fan speed. I don't have the option to even create a fan curve. I don't have the manual control bar for anything else than the fan speed. If I try to modify the memory speed or the core speed it starts to flicker and have artifacts. I would really appreciate any kind of help, thanks in advance.