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What is the Maxium number of NVME drives supported on both 1s & 2s EYPC

Question asked by henry3058 on Jun 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2020 by mbaker_amd

Hi Everyone I am looking for some help on the following. have called the AMD Tech line and spoke with several engineers but I am unable to find the answer to the following question.


How Many NVME PCI-E devices are Supported by the EPYC 1st & 2nd gen chipset and if you have 2 sockets does that double the supported drive QTY.


I understand the initial limitation would be 32 Drives when running in 4x because of Pci-e lane limitation of the CPU but these devices would run through an aggregator so let just assume they only use 1x lane each.


I was able to find the following slide listing 32 devices ont he 2nd gen EPYC as well but it also doesn't clarify if this is per socket or what it's using for reference.
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