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sapphire rx 460 not start. black screen

Question asked by jagra67 on Jun 5, 2020


My Sapphire RX 460 2 Gb does not start. the Fan spins, but nothing on display. Bios Beeps indicate "VGA



This problem happens without any reason. it works for several days, turning on and off the pc. start normally.


Then, one day, stop working, I tried several motherboards/psu/memory swap configurations.


Suddenly it works again. no problem at all.


No affect games, no poor performance, no heat issues. simply does not start.


Any ideas? Please Help


Never made any maintenance on it. I could change the thermal past, but I  Think that's not the reason. ( I will do it anyway, next time it stops)


Configuration used in tests included motherboards Asus m5a78l-mx and m5a78l-m plus, Dell XPS 8700, several models of PSU always above 400w