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Shared GPU memory useless.

Question asked by alefmn13 on Jun 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2020 by alefmn13

Hi. Thanks for listening to my question, really, I really need it. I'm from Brazil, so I'm sorry for the grammar mistakes. As you can already see from the title, you are having problems with the memory of the dedicated GPU. I did a lot of research before coming here, and I'm here, because I didn't find anything relevant to me. In addition, the cases I found in my research differ slightly from my case. My question is how information on Windows, AMD Software and everywhere else (including in stores). Show that my GPU has 2 GB of memory (According to information in the window manager there are 72 MB of memory stored in the GPU and 1.9 GB of shared GPU memory). Test with various software such as the task manager itself, AMD software, MSI Afterburner and all that just run a "dedicated" memory ("dedicated" because the task manager shows it) is used, and the other 1.9GB untouchable. Ultimately, the RAM reaches its limit and games in which my machine meets the minimum requirements do not run well. I would like to know what I need to do to resolve this.
Note: Set up a high performance plan where the use of graphics is at maximum performance; all drives are available; includes applications that use in Graphics Settings as High Performance (although this setting or windows do not recognize dedicated GPU); remembering that AMD software no longer has the option to select a GPU used by application; attached is a text with my machine information and some prints; the average FPS for conter strike was 22 fps; my machine's BIOS is more up to date, not allowing access to advanced settings.
Thank you very much in advance.