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Discussion created by baasitazmi on Jun 5, 2020
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Hi AMD  Community,my name is Baasit and I'm from Malaysia. My goal is to ask for the help to get a PC or Laptop that allows me to do some editing. For your knowledge, I am a student of Mass Communications majoring in Film and Broadcasting (TV) at University of Science Malaysia(USM). I can provide proof that I am a student at the university. Both of my parents are out of work and my father is ill. I can also give you the evidence.I'm not from a wealthy family but i can promise u that i will study hard to help my family and achieve my dream.I'm not a scammer and i really need your help.I also promise if i get a pc or laptop that you  send me for my studying i will make a video just for you and post it to Facebook or Instagram. I really hope you can help me make my dream come true.Please HELP me