Displayport Interlaced Resolution

Discussion created by sumikachan on Jun 4, 2020

Hi, recently I've tested quite a few X to Vga adapters on my RX470 graphics card, and the displayport one got the best results when it comes to image quality, the problem with this one (displayport to VGA) is that it can't output interlaced resolutions for some reason.

I've used interlaced before on HDMI to VGA adapters, so I could game on 1440x1080i at 120Hz on my crt monitor.
Right now I'm limited to around 1024x768p at 85Hz or 800x600p at 110Hz.
All the HDMI to VGA adapters that I've tested, had "some" type of problem, like a weird wave on the screen, or the monitor going blank/black for a few seconds.

I can't use the DVI port on my graphics card, since that port is taken by another monitor, so if possible I would like to just use interlaced on displayport.