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the Uvd1 and Uvd2 clocks stay active after watching a video ... i believe this is what causing the crashing problems and driver crashs.

Question asked by s-warning on Jun 4, 2020
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title says it...  this is for 5700xt. But im assuming this is for others as well. WHen the clocks stay active on the UVD1 and UVD2 the drivers and games crash. This is the issue with the cards. If u use youtube or any other app that uses gpu acceleration then this will cause the issues. When will there be a fix for this? Btw u need to use hwinfo64 to read those reading ... this is for drivers 20.5.1 and the 1 before it .. Both will do it. Came across this and figured it out. About the only way to fix it is restarting computer.