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R9 390 - Screen Freezes, Sound and game fine

Question asked by luisfilipepio on Jun 3, 2020

I have this GPU for quite a while now. Without any reason at all, no changes made to hardware and software, different games started to have the same crash: (F1 2019, Two Point Hospital, Witcher 3). Sometimes, the screen flashes a little, and then it just freezes. I can only kill the process in the task bar.


the screen freezes, but the sound is still on, and game is playing as if nothing happened. I can Alt+Tab, and the computer is playing fine in every department. 


I have a R9 390, and actually have the Radeon Adrenalin 20.4.2. 


My rig is a i5-6600k with 16gb of ram.


Any input?


Kind Regards