Rx 5600 XT weird problems

Discussion created by ormen on Jun 3, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2020 by benman2785

So i just bought a gigabyte Rx 5600 XT 2 weeks ago, and since I put the video card I'm having issues like games crashing, green screen and black screen, that only solve restarting the pc, but today I just had a new problem and extremely odd, while playing league of legends I just have artifacts and I don't know why this happen, my video card doesn't pass 60 degrees while playing league of legends and even pass 73 while playing red dead redemption 2, so I decided to make a 1 hour stress test and I just checked that there's no problem, so now idk if this is a driver problem or other component problem, since I don't have any error in the OCCT, and I'm being too cautious now, I'm just soo scared because this is a brand new one card and I just passed 1 month waiting solve my old card problem (GTX 1660 TI hot temp) srry for any English problems, I'm Brazilian