RX 5700XT micro stutters, tried different drivers

Discussion created by wis on Jun 3, 2020

Hi, I've been having this issue since getting my graphic card (2 months ago) and it never goes away. Every 30-90 minutes after booting my pc I get some weird mini stutters, doesn't matter if im playing something,doing normal things on windows or watching Youtube videos. Before it used to happen constantly after booting my pc or waking up from sleep, now it's just sometimes.

I've tried everything, from using old drivers (19.2.3), new ones (20.2.2, 20.4.2), to optional ones (20.5.1), only having drivers installed (no amd software), disabling HDCP or other options, disabling hardware acceleration on everything, disabling XMP, trying the latest BIOS update, etc. All "fixes" where temporal.

The only things I haven't tried are reinstalling windows (which I read it does not help but will try one of this days) and giving back my graphics card (which I can't for now). Please, if someone had the same issue or has any idea of how can I fix this, please comment below. Thanks.



CPU AMD RYZEN 7 3700X 4.4 GHz AM4

SSD Kingston 960GB A400 500MB/s

RAM Kingston DDR4 8GB 3200MHz HyperX Fury (x2)

Motherboard MSI X570-A PRO AM4

PSU Sentey SDP650-FX 650W Solid Power 80 Plus


I will update this if I get the chance to clip the stutter.