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5700xt Apex Legends (and many other games) Embarassing Performance

Question asked by nxnje on Jun 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by chusbiker


I'm seriously thinking about shipping back my 5700XT Nitro+ and switching to Nvidia counterpart.
But I wanna try some more things before surrendering. Buying the 5700XT has been embarassingly frustrating but I have tried to keep the calm and trying to update again.
I have downloaded Apex Legends in order to play with some friends, and I cannot really understand what's wrong.
My friend has a Ryzen 5 3600 with a 2070 Super and he play at a quite stable framerate of 240-280 fps. I have the same system (RAM: Ballistix LT Sport 3200MhzC16, same PSU CX550M) but I have a different GPU (5700XT Nitro+).


When I play apex legends, it feels like the GPU is sleeping. It goes from 70% to 99% with no reason, and this happens into other games like Valorant (many stutters that make the game almost unplayable in gunfights), PUBG, Overwatch (super stutter and lag in heavy gunfights) and Battlefield 1 as well (even with lowest settings I can't keep a constant 144hz framerate) as well. I cannot keep a constant framerate.
I have bought a 240Hz monitor and I play even at very low settings to increase the fps and reach the highest FPS target I can, but every settings is not working. XMP is active, power options are ok, everything is set ok.
List of things I have tried:
- unlocked excellent performance in windows 10
- trying every kind of settings of the radeon panel
- pagefile 16 12288 on the SSD (another drive, performances are the same in hdd or ssd, game just loads a bit faster)
- disabled registry key "EnableUlps" (set to 0, changed from 1)
- launch options in game just unlock the fps but framerate is still dancing
- updating and rolling back to old drivers
- clean install of windows
- disabling and enabling xmp again
- set to high priority the games' processes
- disabling any overlay
- tried to disable rivatuner and hwinfo64
- tried to use dedicated audioo external device
- tried to optimize the gpu from the optimization radeon panel
- tried to work around with freesync, even worse

- tried to switch PSU, no changes (and I knew it, PSU is good)
- already tried with 3 different 5700xt (Pulse, THICC II, now Nitro+) and one 5700 (powercolor dual fan)
I'm starting to think that 5700xt is just something I shall not buy. I don't know what's wrong with drivers or what else, but I'm figuring out I'm losing so much time trying to understand what's wrong, and I'm regreting the money I have saved for not buying a Nvidia card, because I really wanted to support AMD's work on the new cards. The 3600 is a beast of CPU, but 5700series GPUs are quite frustrating.

Hope someone can give new advices because I'm going out of mind: spent 450$ for a video card that gives me 10000 more problems if compared to my old and lower gtx1060 which didn't even crash once at the time.