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After updating to 20.5.1 CPU Usage rides high

Question asked by waziir on Jun 2, 2020

Hi there I've updated to the latest optional driver and notice that there is now a constant background CPU usage.  Oddly it's not directly from the Radeon drivers from what I can tell.


Instead I'm seeing a lot more activity from Windows Defender - it's using about 10 - 15% CPU constantly after the update to the 20.5.1 drivers.  Is anyone else experiencing something similar.  It's causing a constant _flicker_ with the mouse pointer on screen with the little blue "busy" halo flickering on and off next to the pointer constantly - even if I'm not doing much of anything with the computer.


Windows 10, latest updates applied, etc. etc.  I'm on slightly older hardware - an A10-7850K, and an R7 discrete GPU which are configured to use Crossfire:


AMD Radeon R7 Graphics + R7 200 Dual Graphics


It's really quite annoying to suddenly see the CPU usage rest at around 10% _all the time_.  Anybody else having similar issues with the newer drivers?  Any suggestions?