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No Crossfire Profiles in 20.5.1?

Question asked by paselja on Jun 3, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2020 by angryadm

Hello people..
I'm new to Crossfire.. using 2x Asus RX 580 OC Dual 8GB (got the 2nd one nearly for free and thought about to give it a try because I cant afford a new GPU) .. I know, there are not that much games supporting that..
But I found out there were some kind of Crossfire options (afr friendly, afr compatible or 1x1 optimized, ...) in previous Adrenalin versions.. another forum user said that this "has been resolved" 20.2.2.
I updated to 20.5.1 before I installed the second GPU.. so I cant tell if there were these Crossfire options before.. but now they are just missing..
Found some other guy asking the same on reddit .. here is a screenshot of the others ones configs (red) and mine (green) where AMD CrossFire Mode is "just" disabled.. while in 20.5.1 this option doesnt even exist in any tab


Is this the best "support", AMD can give to their old cards? If yes.. its pretty sad to remove things, that seemed to work before.
Do I have to downgrade.. will this work? Like i said.. I cant afford a new GPU in the near future:/
And making Crossfire work for at least my few supported games would be pretty awesome.

And yes.. my mainboard is Crossfire certified.

Thanks for reading.
~ Danielle