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3200g 1- bluescreen, hard crash;  2- Stutter Adrenalin 2020

Question asked by fjorn_lodbrok on Jun 3, 2020
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3200g Adrenalin 2020 stuttering when playing videos


Apu: 3200g

Mobo: x570 tuf plus Bios 1407 (latest)

Memory: CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W ver5.32

Dedicated GPU: none

1 Sata SSD 2 HDD

PSU Corsair cx650m (silver label)

winver 2004 (19041.264)


for TLDR read only the BOLD text. ty



I bought the pc listed above 2 months ago, ever since I've had a ton of problems and I'm having a hard time tracking down what exactly is causing those issues



1- Bluescreen (video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error), hard crash (image frezes and pc reboots), driver crash (Issue 1.1 - Video Playback Crash), Graphical glitches (video attached: issue 1.0). The one consistent variable that always seemes to trigger the problem is video playback on youtube (chrome/edge) or locally (media player) I ran two 4k videos at the same time and chrome started to flicker (video attached: issue 1.0) , I cant always reproduce the problem by running 4k videos but I did manage to make it happen at least 4 times in the last few weeks, on one of those times I dragged a few of the tabs outside of the glitched chrome window which made them visible again but a few seconds later, before I could drag them all out, windows hard crashed.
I've tried running games, benchmarks, stress tests (furmark, aida64, memtest86, shared vram tests, hyper pi, super pi, passmark performance test) nothing seemes to trigger the problem and all the tests returned with no artifact or memory errors.

2- Video Playback stutters when I use any version of Adrenaline 2020. I've checked task manager as this problem happens, the video encode graph (Yes i said ENCODE, not DECODE) spikes to 100% for about 10-15 seconds and then dips back to normal (video attached: issue 2) . This issue is a little easier to reproduce, it often happens when I play a video, change to a different chrome tab and then go back to the previous one. It can also happen to videos played locally with any media player however this instance in particular is harder to reproduce.

I've given adrenaline 2019 drivers a shot, those don't seem to be affected by the issue, although I havent tested these drivers extensively, its intresting to note that these older drivers only show activity on the DECODE graph when playing as opposed to Adrenalin 2020 which shows activity on the ENCODE graph.

Currently, as I have already mentioned, I've been using the drivers installed automatically by windows, those I can 100% guarantee dont cause any stutter, they dont show any ENCODE or DECODE activity when playing videos either.
For reference this person on youtube seems to have the same problem (from paragraph 2) I do when I use adrenalin 2020