Instant Replay not working since 20.4 drivers

Discussion created by spaztastic on Jun 3, 2020

Instant replay no longer works since I installed 20.4 drivers.  I just used the AMD cleaner tool and did a fresh install of 20.5 and I get the same issues that I have been having since installing 20.4 drivers as well.  I enable screen recording and instant replay but the shortcut never seems to trigger as the save notification never pops up.  The folders also remain empty to confirm that nothing is being saved.  


Aside from that, enabling screen recording is causing a different error with windows so I am curious if this is all related.  When I enable screen recording, my microphone tray icon keep blinking endlessly as if the software is fighting for mic access and getting denied.  My mouse cursor also continuously blinks with the hour glass once I enable screen recording.  I checked in my microphone privacy settings and I have Radeon Settings:Host services listed to have access.  Could I have some permissions issue going on?


The only thing that I haven't done yet is try to revert back to 20.3 but before doing that, I am wondering if there is a fix for this as I would like to run the current drivers.