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Samsung Odyssey Plus VR headest crashing RX 580 driver

Question asked by haznick on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by dilettanti

I've just bought a Samsung Odyssey Plus after upgrading my graphics card to a Sapphire Nitro RX 580 8GB. I bought this card because it has 2 HDMI ports, one for my TV (LG 4K OLED) and one for the VR headset.


As soon as I connect the headset the screen flickers off/on a couple of times and then the screen stays dim. The Mixed Reality Portal says "check your display cable". (The headset has connected ok looking at the Samsung HMD app, and reports it all connected and working). As soon as that's all happened the AMD software has crashed, and clicking on the icon in taskbar gives the message "No AMD graphics driver is installed". I checked in Device Manager and the card had been stopped by Windows (Code 43) and it had reverted back to the standard Microsoft driver. Unplugging the headset doesn't get things back working either. I have to reboot the PC for it to reload the drivers and get the card working again.


I've uninstalled the drivers using the AMD Cleanup Utility and tried both the latest drivers (20.4.2 and 20.5.1) using the Adrenalin 2020 installer and that hasn't worked either. I'm kind of pulling my hair out at this point..


Any ideas? I know the RX580 works fine with WMR headsets as I've searched before posting. I've tried swapping the HDMIs over on the back of the card and tried all my USB3 ports but the same thing happens each time.


I don't have any old monitors I can try so I can disconnect the TV HDMI, and I don't have another VR headset to try either. Last resort would be to go back to my old NVIDIA GTX 650Ti card and see if the headset works (even though it isn't good enough spec for WMR)


I've attached a few relevant screen shots. I've included the events log for the card stopping.


Oh and my PC spec is:


Win 10 Home 1909 (64 bit)

i5-4430 3.00ghz


Asus Z87-A mobo (latest BIOS)

Western Digital 500GB Nvme (via PCIe)


Thanks for any help you can give.