Problem with manual RPM (20.4.2)

Discussion created by ronaldjozz on Jun 2, 2020

Having Sapphire RX 5700xt Pulse.


With latest driver, manual fan RPM is finnaly working, but it seems like not quite.


Right now I've set fan RPM to be 15% at 25* (pretty much the lowest you can set both RPM and Temp in wattman).


My idle temps are around 34-35*


Before driver update, when to activate manual RPM I had to load wattman settings every PC restart, at 35* RPM was 17%-18% (since it properly worked). 


But right now, with latest driver, the lowest RPM is always 24% at 35*.


It I set for excample 20% at 30* and 40* then RPM will be 31%. Meaning that its simply not working correctly. 


I mean, while not a huge bug, its still annoying because I cant make my curve properly and unnessesety fan usage. I dont really want to roll back driver, since this one gave some neat fixes. Is there is anyway to fix this?