DisplayPort connection lost

Discussion created by foundouli on Jun 2, 2020

Hi, I build a new pc some weeks ago with a RX 5700 XT. After that I bought a secound monitor: Samsung 2560x1440px 16-9 144hz. After troubleshooting with the first GPU I got a new one. Now everything is fine, but now the display port is losing connection. Mostly when I´m starting a game or when am afk and the screen turns black. Now the connection is coming in going in seconds. I have to restart the monitor or I have to take the display port out and put it back into. 


Now I made the experience that this problem doesn´t appear when I´m using my old LG 2560x1080px 21-9 144hz monitor.


I really need help here please! 


It´s the driver, or the monitor, or the gpu doesn´t like two different monitors? (But I´m only gaming on one of each..)


Thanks in advance!!!!