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Help with cpu FX-8350 overheating

Question asked by i-kastell on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by pokester

Hello there,

I've started lately to get some annoying problem with my computer, and I highly suspect my processor to be the cause.


While playing, I started to have freezes of two sorts : either a few minutes long freeze, or a permanent one. I use Open Hardware Monitor to watch the cpu and gpu heat, and I noticed my cpu was reaching over 60°C, sometimes up to 85°C.


I tried to increase the cpu fan speed, but to no avail : despite trying to modify it through SpeedFan or the BIOS (MS-7693), it refuses to change : it stagnates most of the time at 1000 rpm, with weird spikes at 9 or 10K rpm.


I tried another cpu fan ( I verified the compatibility beforehand ) but nothing changed.


As of today, my cpu immediately reach 70°C or more when freshly booted, and can reach 50 ~ 60°C with only an internet page opened.



I have this setup since 2015, so I know I should expect my components to die one day or another, but I have no idea about what is failing here : is it the CPU ? the cpu fan ? anything else ?


Here is my config :


MSI 970 Gaming (MS-7693)

AMD FX-8350 8-Core

Artic Freezer Xtreme CPU Cooler

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970



SATA3 SSD : 480 Go

G RAM (DDR3) : 4x4 Go


I've always managed to resolve my problems on my own before, but I've ran out of options and need help from much more talented persons than I am.


Thank you very much in advance !